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Christmas Market Stall
Holiday Decorations & Crafts
Making Merry

We gratefully accept donations of the following holiday décor:

  • Christmas decorations/collectibles

  • Easter decorations

  • Hanukkah decorations

  • Halloween decorations

  • July 4th decorations

  • Seasonal items

  • Artificial trees, decorative plants, flowers, wreaths

  • Holiday dinnerware sets

  • Sets of like-new holiday linens

  • Holiday villages and unusual mangers

  • Large inflatable decorations: fully functional with all parts

And gently used (or new) arts and crafts supplies, including:

  • Craft stamps

  • Scrapbook supplies

  • Beads/bead working items

  • Weaving textile supplies

  • Clay

  • Rock tumbler machines

  • Craft rolling storage bins

  • Crafting sets

  • Paints: oil, acrylic, pastels, water colors

  • Paint brushes and art pencils

  • Pottery and ceramic supplies

  • Woodworking and carving supplies

We are not able to accept:

  • Christmas trees

Key information for Sale Day:

  • Looking for nice holiday décor pieces or some arts/craft supplies? Visit our department!

Thank you!


For more information about volunteering in this department, or donations, please contact

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