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Dogs with Dog Walker
Pet Supplies
Man's Best Friends

We gratefully accept gently-used, and new, item donations of pet supplies, such as:

  • Bird cages

  • Bird houses

  • Cat beds & carriers

  • Cat climbers

  • Cat scratching posts

  • Cat wheels

  • Dog beds & carriers

  • Dog clothing

  • Dog grooming supplies

  • Dog retractable leashes

Key information for Sale Day:

  • As appropriate, items are cleaned, assembled and tested.

  • Items are sorted and grouped into sections by type so you can easily find what you are looking for.

  • Many brand-new items and all items are bargain-priced.

  • Some  items are bundled to offer GREAT values. For example, a 10-gallon aquarium stuffed full with a pump and filter, tank decorations, a net, cleaning supplies, chemicals, rocks, a light, all for one low discounted price.

Thank you!


For more information about volunteering in this department, or donations, please contact

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