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Looking at Televisions
TV & Audio
Screen and Sound

We gratefully accept donations of gently-used TV and Audio electronics in working condition, such as:

  • Flat screen LCD TVs, with remotes

  • Blu-Ray and DVD players, with remotes

  • DVD changers

  • All-in-one home theater systems

  • Stereo and surround speakers

  • Subwoofers

  • Preamps and power amplifiers and tuners

  • Stereo receivers, with or without remotes

  • Surround sound receivers, with remotes only

  • Turntables

  • Three-piece executive type stereo systems

  • CD players and changers

  • Cassette decks

  • Boom boxes from small portables to big mega-blasters

  • Mini shelf type stereo systems

  • AM/FM radios and clock radios

  • Test equipment

  • Ham radio gear

  • Cable, adapters, power supplies

Key information for Sale Day:

  • All electronic units have been tested for basic functions. If there are any issues they are noted on the item tag.

  • When you browse this department it looks like a Best Buy, only cheaper! Don't miss out on this once a year opportunity to save on great quality gear!

Thank you!


For more information about volunteering in this department, or donations, please contact

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