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We gratefully accept donation of any type of small (portable) musical instruments and accessories, such as:

  • Accordians

  • Amplifiers

  • Autoharps

  • Brass instruments: trumpets, trombone, baritones, tubas, French horns

  • Cases for guitars and other instruments

  • Electronic keyboards with power cords (bench and stand a bonus)

  • Guitars: electric, acoustic, bass

  • Music stands

  • Percussion: congos, bongos, drum sets, Djembe

  • String instruments: violins, violas, basses, cellos

  • Ukuleles

  • Wind instruments: flutes, clarinets, oboes, saxophones, English horns, bassoons

Please consider donations that meet these criteria:


  1. Good condition or better

  2. No missing or broken parts

We are not able to accept the following:

  • Guitar picks, tuners

  • Metronomes

  • Microphones

  • Recorders (plastic or wood)

  • Sheet music; music books

  • Pianos and Organs

Key information for Sale Day:

  • All of the keyboards have been checked

  • Musical amplifiers have been tested

Thank you!


For more information about volunteering in this department, or donations, please contact

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